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1.  3D Realistic Design

After visiting your house, our designers will create a 3D realistic model of your future pool. A computer generated image will give you a very close idea of how the project will look like when completed.

2.  Architectural Drawings and Permits

Once you approve the design, architectural plans are created and the required applications are filled out for neighborhood association and city permits.

3.  Layout

We will lay out the entire project onto the proposed area in your backyard for you and your family to check for proportions, sizes and other details. At this point, you can make the necessary changes to the design. 

4.  Excavation

Once the required permits are obtained, we will proceed to excavate. This stage usually takes half a day and will be performed by experts with especial equipment.

5.  Rebar

The site is now ready for the pool steel structure. The steel will give shape to the pool, including, steps, spa, benches, and other features.

6.  Gunite and Plumbing 

A mixture of cement, sand, and water is sprayed over the steel. The pool equipment is installed at the location it was proposed in the applications.

7.  Tile and Coping

The materials of your choice will be installed at this point. One of the most used is glass tile. Marble, travertine, slate, are also very popular.

8.  Plaster

This is the last finish of the process. It will give the smooth texture to the walls and floor. This is a 3-day process, in which, at the 3rd day, the pool will be filled with water.

9.  Pool School and Enjoy!

The equipment is tested and a short explanation on how to use the controls will be provided by a pool specialist. Now is time to swim!

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